Veepeak OBD2 Scanner Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool Code Reader for Check Engine Light, Read & Clear Trouble Codes for OBD II Compliant Vehicles

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  • Wide Vehicle Coverage - works with all OBD-II/EOBD compliant US, European and Asian vehicles (OBD-II is standard on all cars sold in the US since 1996); supports CAN, VPW, PWM, ISO and KWP 2000 protocols
  • Fix simple problems yourself before visiting the mechanic - Reads and clears generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), turns off check engine light and review I/M readiness monitors.
  • Cost-efficient solution - retrieves same information as expensive scanners; keep engine performance in good shape with regular inspections and prevents future costly repairs
  • Simple to use - stand-alone unit without the need for an additional laptop or cellphone to operate; no App/software to purchase; no batteries needed
  • Peace of mind - 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month hassle-free replacement warranty and easy to reach, friendly customer support. Generic trouble code definitions are included in the user manual.

Katrina Sutin
April 5, 2018
Great product!! I bought this because my car failed it's e-test after I spent >$2000 safetying it (twice - long story). The mechanic said it needed a $300 part +labor and he wasn't sure that it would fix the problem or not. After spending so much safetying it I could not understand how a check engine light was still on and how it failed the e-test. Instead I bought this handy gadget, cleared the code, checked the I/M readiness monitors, (which I didn't know what that meant when I bought it, but if you don't know those are the monitors that are checked for readiness when they e-test your car and it tells you exactly which ones are not ready). So after clearing the codes and seeing the same monitors were coming back not ready, I drove my car through a drive cycle, less than a week later rechecked the I/M readiness monitors with the scanner, took it for an e-test and passed no problem. I don't know if the mechanic was trying to make more money off me, but it has now been over a month and the check engine light never came back on and I haven't had any issues. I have already recommended this product to a handful of people and will definitely continue recommending it. It worked perfectly for my situation and will be very handy to have for any future check engine lights. Shipped quickly and came by the guaranteed 2 day delivery date.
Canajun Customer
October 5, 2018
This scanner does connect and operate without any difficulty. But the error codes that it reports are generic and not the specific ones needed to home in the problem, in my case in the Evaporative Emission Control systems of a Fiat 500. While it did point me toward the logical culprits (e.g. poor gas cap contact, small emission leak), unlike more expensive OBD2 scanners it did not report in which part of the Evaporative Emission Control system to look for the leak. It also has a problem in cancelling the trouble light on the dashboard. It reports a failure to be able to cancel the error code and, while the light does go out for a short time, it comes on again in a matter of days. In the end I was forced to take the car to a dealership to have the real problem corrected, costing me a great deal more than a home repair plus the waste of money buying the OBD2 scanner.
November 2, 2017
I ordered on a Saturday and had it Tuesday. This has been the fastest service I have ever had even from other sites. I got it just in time as one of our vehicles threw a code and stalled. I tried this reader without reading the manual just to see how easy-to-use it would be and I was able to get the code and info right away and was easier to learn than more expensive ones I had used before.
November 27, 2018
This works flawlessly on every vehicle I've tried it on from 2003 to 2017 year models . Has saved us a lot of money in diagnostics fees as well! Highly reccomended if you need to buy a vehicle and are worried the seller has taken out the engine light. This will clear up any hidden issues quickly.
May 31, 2017
Cut my service time by telling my mechanic what the code was. He had the part on hand, making it a 30 minute repair instead of waiting for parts:)
May 12, 2018
Works great for my car, checked all the codes myself and fixed them too. I do not have any background in mechanical. Product is pretty easy to use and gives all the details you need in order to troubleshoot your car issues.
February 16, 2018
doe not work .. it wont read any code on my 09 buick enclave or the 06 caravan, engine light still on .. i guess you get what you pay for ,,,
January 28, 2018
Description accurate. Fast delivery. It is a gift and the receiver was satisfied.